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Holiday Season with a Realistic Budget

The holiday season is fast approaching, do you feel as if the workable, realistic budget for the holidays has been shot out of the window? I think most people feel this way. Here are 10 easy ways to budget, stick to it and start your savings!

  1. Sleep on big purchases - weigh the benefits of the purchase. Did you know that most people ponder over food items more than deciding which house to buy? Read reviews for big ticket items to help make your decision clearer.

  2. Consider gifting a night of babysitting or Never spend more than you have even on presents for friends & family.

  3. Stick to a lower gift price budget - reduce your temptation to overspend. Create a gift budget for everyone on your list, & stick to it.

  4. Check your subscriptions and stop paying for things you don’t need. It’s a great time to review all of your subscriptions and make sure you are just paying for the ones you use. I recently reviewed someone’s credit card statement and they were paying for 2 Netflix subscriptions.

  5. Plan your meals and stick to a grocery list, especially for that indulgent holiday feast.

  6. Do your grocery shopping online to stop extra impulse purchases while shopping in person.

  7. Pay yourself first - Automatic transfer of a certain amount into savings after bills. Covid proved to many of us that we didn’t have enough saved for those times we might need extra money, that we didn’t totally realize we needed.

  8. Budget to $0 - have an emergency fund for the curve balls life throws at you.”

  9. Compare brands and price per quantity when shopping. When shopping online or in person, all prices will have a price per quantity to compare items.

  10. Connect your spending to how many hours you worked! This is a great reality check! A friend working minimum wage, if they give you a gift worth $25, it will cost them 3 hours of work.

Hopefully, these tips can help you keep your holiday budget realistic!

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