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Small businesses achieve their
best financial status
by providing personal tailored service.
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I'm Christine!

I'm an Accounting Expert with 23+ Years of Professional Experience.

My commitment is to help business owners achieve a simple and clear picture of their business' financial status and provide them with effective advice and methods to improve their overall financial health.


I have experience working for Intuit Turbo Tax as a full-service Tax Expert and have over 23 years of experience in preparing Personal Tax Returns, including over 18 years of Accounting, Payroll and Bookkeeping roles within various firms and industries.


I founded All Inclusive Accountants in 2010 - For me, helping small business owners is a partnership. Your success is my success, I relate to your pains and know the value of great planning and making tough decisions.




There's no question that keeping the books is an important aspect in the success of any business, and keeping track of financial transactions takes time, patience and requires special skills. ​

Small business owners try and do it themselves for various reasons, but often lack the time and knowledge to properly do their own bookkeeping; often this leads to losing money and compromising the wellbeing of their business.

I can manage your books, save you money and improve your bottom line by ensuring that your transactions are properly documented to minimize tax liabilities.​

Corporate Taxes

Unpaid business taxes can be a huge burden to a business of any size and tax agencies can be relentless in their pursuit in collecting those taxes.

As your authorized representative I can work with the agencies on your behalf to resolve the tax debt and get you back on the road to financial stability.

Don't let your business fail under the weight of unpaid taxes, let me help.

Remember, successful tax planning for the business goes hand-in-hand with planning the personal taxes of the shareholders and their families.

Personal Taxes

There is no certainty in life, but death and taxes - and your taxes are impacted by every milestone you hit along the way.


Whether your marital status changes, you invest in property, start a business, or even register your children in childcare - you'll need specialized advice for your taxes.

It might be tempting to push your Personal Tax Return to the bottom of your to-do list, but it's a deeply involved process that with proper planning and advice can lower the taxes you owe.

If you're finding your Personal Taxes daunting, let me take care of them for you.

Being approachable and easy to work with is something that I take pride in.

Interestingly, crazy questions are sometimes the best way to begin meaningful conversations.


Business ownership is challenging as well as time-consuming
as there are never enough hours in the day to keep up with daily appointments, cleanings, and social media updates,
let alone all those hours spent managing your business and
keeping your finances on track.

Feeling stressed out about your finances? I can help you. 

So you can devote more time to the things you care about,
I can free up some of that valuable time for you.

What amazing service! Christine even managed to get me a larger refund.

Everything was done virtually and that was very helpful for me.


I will for sure use her services going forward. I highly recommend her!

Tina B.


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